Indivisible Action Tampa Bay

Our Beginning

Indivisible Action Tampa Bay took root in November 2016. Known then as Action Together Tampa Bay, we saw a need for a new kind of progressive action, one that exists outside the party structure, bringing new ideas, new people and new energy to activism. A lot of us consider IATB the best thing that happened out of the 2016 Presidential Election. We've formed friendships, solved problems, alleviated frustration and found a way to make an impact on our community.

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Our Work

We leverage the power of social media to link our members with ways to contribute to our community while supporting progressive causes and candidates in 4 arenas:

Our projects promote civic engagement and raise up new leaders.


Committed activists. Caring people.

The activists of Indivisible Action Tampa Bay are located in Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties, Florida.  Fourty-eight percent of IATB members live in Pinellas county, and 52% live in Hillsborough county. A small percentage of members are snowbirds who call Tampa Bay home during the winter months.





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Our Mission

We fight for human rights through action, working to promote progressive causes and candidates in Tampa Bay, the state of Florida and the Nation. We are linked through the Indivisible network to our partner Indivisible chapters statewide and nationwide.


We are progressive patriots

We are thankful to have many progressive candidates in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties to support with our personal dollars, phone calling, postcard writing and door knocking. Progressive candidates are furthering our values by bringing progressive issues into the forefront. Issues like access to healthcare and education, preserving our environment, equality, diversity, protecting our most vulnerable, responsible transportation solutions and other goals that promote freedom and cooperation. 

We are open to new ideas. We make decisions based on evidence and facts. We believe in freedom, the responsibilities of individuals to help others as a foundation of society, and in cooperating to develop global solutions to solve global problems. We believe in justice. We believe in the greatness of our country. We are patriots.


“Whether you have two minutes or two hours, IATB has a way for you to turn frustration into action.”


Christine hanna  |  Founder

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Our Core Leads

The IATB Steering Committee consists of 10 people who rotate on and off the leadership group as the work and their individual callings demand. The Founder, Administrator and Strategist of IATB provide constant direction and structure to the group.

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Christine Hanna


Christine Hanna founded Indivisible Action Tampa Bay in November 2016. She is focused on involving more people with the political process and identifying and activating new leaders. She is a twin mom and loves going to theme parks with her sons.

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Jane Johnson Graves


Jane Johnson Graves joined Indivisible Action Tampa Bay as soon as it was founded in November 2016. A fourth generation resident of St. Petersburg, she is responsible for the print communications of the group, including the calls to action and newsletters She also handles the day-to-day operation of the IATB Facebook group. In her other life, she’s mom to a special needs teenager, in addition to being a frustrated novelist.

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Justin Diaz


Justin Diaz is a Tampa native who got involved in progressive politics at a very young age. He is a prosecutor with the State Attorney's office. He is responsible for maintaining our progressive focus and ensuring that our activities and projects are aligned with our mission. He also provides issues and values based education to our members. He is the father of two small children who are becoming the next generation of progressive activists.