February 5, 2019


Indivisible Action Tampa Bay has chosen candidates for the upcoming Tampa municipal elections. Developed by the IATB endorsement committee members, this list represents who we feel are the most progressive candidates and the best choice for Tampa. It is our hope that this list will be helpful to voters as they research the candidates in advance of the March 5 election.

Tampa Municipal Endorsement Graphic 2019.01.29.jpg

September 4, 2018


Indivisible Action Tampa Bay has developed a list of candidates that are recommended for the midterm elections. Some of the candidates are not progressive according to our understanding. There are a very few candidates for whom our members are voting only because they are better than the conservative alternative. Below are our slate cards with recommendations.

STate wide slate

Governor: Andrew Gillum 

Attorney General: Sean Shaw 

Commissioner of Agriculture: 

Nicole "Nikki" Fried 

Chief Financial Officer: Jeremy Ring

hillsborough county slate

US Senate: Bill Nelson

US House District 12: Chris Hunter 

US House District 15: Kristen Carlson

US House District 16: David Shapiro 

State Senate District 18: Janet Cruz

State Senate District 20: Kathy Lewis

State House District 57: Debbie Katt

State House District 58 Phil Hornback

State House District 59: Adam Hattersley

State House District 60: Debra Bellanti

State House District 61: Dianne "Dee" Hart

State House District 62: Susan Valdes

State House District 63: Fentrice Driskell

State House District 64: Jessica Harrington

County Commission District 2: Angela Birdsong 

County Commission District 4: Andrew Davis 

County Commission District 5: Mariella Smith 

County Commission District 7: Kimberly Overman

School Board District 1: William Henry (Bill) Person

School Board District 6: Henry "Shake" Washington

Circuit Court Judge Group 25: Robin Fuson

County Court Judge Group 2: Greg Green

County Court Judge Group 8: Jack Gutman

Pinellas county slate

US Senate: Bill Nelson

US House District 12: Chris Hunter 

US House District 13: Charlie Crist

State Senate District 16: Amanda Murphy

State Senate District 24: Lindsay Cross

State House District 64: Jessica Harrington

State House District 65: Sally Laufer

State House District 66: Alex Hereen

State House District 67: Dawn Douglas

State House District 69: Jennifer Webb

County Commission District 6: Amy Kedron

School Board District 2: Jeff Larsen

School Board District 3: Nicole Carr

School Board District 6: Matt Stewart


August 15, 2018


A subcommittee of Indivisible Action Tampa Bay members came together to identify the most progressive choice for each race in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties. In races where the endorsement votes were too close to call, IATB did not endorse. Here are the lists:

Endorsement Graphic Hillsborough.jpg
Endorsement Graphic Pinellas.jpg

May 1, 2018


Tampa Bay’s largest Indivisible chapter endorses Gillum for Governor and Nelson for Senator

Tampa, FL – Indivisible Action Tampa Bay voted to endorse Andrew Gillum for Florida Governor and Bill Nelson for Florida Senator. These are the first endorsements that the 5,900 member group has made for the 2018 election season.

Indivisible Action Tampa Bay members considered the candidates’ alignment with progressive values. In selecting a candidate for the upcoming gubernatorial primary, Gillum received 82% of the vote, Gwen Graham 12%, and Philip Levine 6%. The endorsement for Senator went to incumbent Senator Nelson with 93%, followed by Tameka Lyles with 7% of the votes. None of the other candidates received any votes.

In response to receiving the endorsement, Andrew Gillum said, "I'm honored to have Indivisible Action Tampa Bay's endorsement in this people-powered campaign to take back Florida! Together, we're going to prove that everyday Floridians and working people matter most in this election – not the well-heeled and well-connected. Let's bring it home!"

Progressive candidates nationwide have sought endorsement by Indivisible chapters. The candidates as well as the IATB chapter members are hopeful that this local endorsement will translate into an endorsement from the national Indivisible organization.

“It has been very rewarding to see our group develop to the point of endorsing candidates for the upcoming primaries,” said Christine Hanna, Founder of Indivisible Action Tampa Bay. “We have had a lot of discussion about the candidates and we look forward to helping them win the primary in August.”