Indivisible Action Tampa Bay

We are in this together.


Our progressive values require us to work in our community to improve the lives of our neighbors. We gather together to amplify our voices, we we roll up our sleeves and open our wallets to help out local organizations, we host events that bring awareness and increase collaboration. We believe that better communities make better individuals. We believe that we are all in this together.


What we've accomplished



We participate in marches and rallies such as:

  • Support for Immigrants, including No Ban No Wall

  • Women's March

  • Save the Affordable Care Act

  • Pride March

  • Climate March

  • March for Science

  • March for Our Lives

  • Welcoming Cities

  • Trump is Unwelcome In Tampa counter rally at the Florida State Fairgrounds on July 31, 2018



We partner with local organizations to complete projects like:

  • Raising funds and collecting household goods for Syrian refugees new to Tampa Bay

  • Food packing with Feeding Tampa Bay

  • Beach clean up and road clean ups with Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful

  • Raising funds for medications needed by migrant farm workers in collaboration with the League of United Latin American Citizens

  • Raising funds and collecting supplies to support the Decentralized Disaster Response relief efforts to Apopka, Immokalee and Puerto Rico after the Fall 2017 hurricanes

  • Supply drives for local schools

  • Assist people with securing a state issued identification card with Spread the Vote



We host and co-host events such as:

  • Orange KISS (Keep It Safe and Smart) family gun safety event with the Tampa chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

  • Vigils to remember the victims and families affected by violence

    • Pulse Nightclub

    • Charlottesville

    • Las Vegas

    • Parkland


We promote progressive candidates.


The best way to create the change we wish to see is by supporting progressive candidates and electing representatives who share our values at the local, state and national level. We work tirelessly at home and at large to get out the word about our energetic and inspiring candidates, as well as support our amazing and dedicated representatives already holding office.


How we support our candidates:



Get Out the Vote efforts like canvassing, postcard parties, phone calls and driving people to the polls



Meet the Candidate and candidate platform educational opportunities through picnics, social events and speaking opportunities online and in person



Candidate fundraising asks to our Facebook group and invitations to fundraising events


We are a community.


We are a community guided by facts and dedicated to caring for one another. We get together to learn, to work, to celebrate. Our meetings are focused on doing work. We prioritize action over self-promotion.


We build community by:



Meetings, both online and in person, to discuss our goals, develop strategic plans and accomplish work side by side.



Educational opportunities such as:

  • Member-driven seminars on topics of interest like Divestment, Election Interference, Gender Identity 
  • Online training, such as Real Talk Racial Justice and Anti-Oppression training
  • Privilege Walks for our group and the community at large
  • Movie Nights where we focus on a documentary film and work through the material together
  • Interfaith Picnics where we break bread together and learn about one another's cultures and beliefs


Celebrations and social events to recognize member accomplishments


We are progressive patriots.


We communicate with our elected representatives to make our voices heard on legislation that matters. We work together to amplify the voices of marginalized people. We speak out against proposals and laws that are not aligned with our values. We speak for progressive ideals.


Where we speak:



Town Halls held by our Members of Congress, or held by us for our Members of Congress who neglect to hold their own



Letters, phone calls, emails and faxes coordinated through our IATB Calls to Action 



Meetings with our Members of Congress and rallies at their offices


Twitter, Instagram, Facebook page and our newsletters, The Shake Up and The Show Up




Press conferences, podcasts, national and local news media